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I believe art always inspires art. But often, not in the way one would expect. A starry night sky may inspire the words of a poet. A musician’s spirited tune may inspire the strokes of a painter’s brush. So, in the end, the works of many artists like myself are fundamentally a regurgitation of the beauties they imbibe daily.

aRT  in  hyperrealism 

aRT  in  words


A journey of strokes and smudges.

A professionally trained medical doctor,

Samuel Owusu Achiaw reunites with his passion for art and poetry. The self-taught artist specializes in portraiture, photorealism, and hyperrealism.

Art has always been one of my deepest passions but it has not always been easy finding my voice as an artist. In May 2014 however, after close to seven years of having stopped drawing, I picked up my pencil again and the artist resurfaced.

With a background in medical anatomy, I am intensely curious about the human face and that remains the main subject for my works. When I spend 100 – 200 hours drawing a face, I believe with each line of wrinkle and with each dot of skin pore, I retell a story of the human condition, a story of strife and triumph.

Classical music has been and will probably continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. I find that music expresses articulately, the same forms, tones, textures, and perspectives that I try to express on paper. I also draw inspiration from the works of several fashion photographers and other visual artists in my country, Ghana, and around the world.

As I rediscovered myself as an artist, I came to the conviction that being able to create art was not just a gift, but my raison détre. As such, I am always investing in my craft to be able to create great art. Great art, I believe, should for the moment that it engages us, serve as an uncommon escapism into a world of wonder and cause some agitation within. The kind of agitation that ignites ideas, creativity, and hope. The kind of agitation that makes us rethink our definitions of the boundaries of the human spirit.



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