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The darkness of the night fades, the skies now azure,

The leaves unfurl, the diamond dews fall glittering,

The cocoon breaks, the caterpillar flies a butterfly,

The night returns, the skies a mosaic of colors,

Wait, stop, look, smile;

Life is a handsome painting.


The wind is crisp, the perfume of freshness,

The violets blossom, the zephyr is scented,

The grass is jade, the aura of adventure,

The clouds gather, the nostalgic aroma of rain,

Wait, stop, smell, beam;

Life is a symphony of fragrances.


The hive of combs, the imperishable golden nectar,

The mellow fruit, the audacious succulence of a mango,

The heated pan, the melting blond butter,

The risen dough, the allurement of a fresh puffing loaf,

Wait, stop, taste, enjoy;

Life is a flavour of sweetness.


The giggle of an infant, the sound of happiness,

The beautiful voice, the wonderful sharp melody,

The union of hide and wood, the percussion of the Akan drum,

The strain of strings, the opus of the orchestra,

Wait, stop, listen, marvel;

Life is a rhapsody of music.


The rays of a young sun, the touch of morning,

The silk of the Bombyx mori, the smoothness of liquid cloth,

The fiery friend, the warm affectionate hug,

The faithful lover, the passionate kiss,

Wait, stop, feel, cherish;

Life is the feeling of feelings, the feeling of love!

-Samuel Owusu Achiaw

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